A bit of a head scratcher

Lately, I’ve been struggling with the biological effects of being a woman and an endurance athlete, but sometimes supplements don’t work for me or they are prohibitively expensive. So I started poking around the internet and found a great article by Primally Inspired about frozen raw liver pills

Anyway, the weird point of the story I’m trying to make (other than the fact that I am putting raw pieces of liver down my gullet every morning) is that Joel is constantly turning up his nose at Frankie’s food, despite the fact that most of her food is basically uncooked human food. So the other day, when I told him I was going to make/take raw liver pills, I was a little shocked when the first thing he said was, “Oooh, let’s both do it, I want to do it.” I almost wanted to wave the container in his face and reply, “This is FRANKIE food, are you sure you’re okay with this?!”

Mt. Hood photo dump

Because I suck at blogging.

Halfway up the summit.

View from halfway up the summit.

Going up the south west chutes.

Topped out and heading over the other side.

Joel about ready to drop down the north side (to the right of the picture).

Taking a little breather.

Walking down the Sunshine route.

View from Sunshine.

I think this was after we bailed and we spent some time exploring the north side, checking out Yocum Ridge.

Back on top, making our way to the summit.

The pee-stained summit. The end.

"For God’s sake, don’t think about it, don’t dwell on it, don’t allow yourself to fully know how terribly out of control your life is."
- Rufi Thorpe, The Girls from Corona del Mar (via mar-see-ah)

Love your blog/your pursuits/your internet presence! On the off chance, just wondered if you had any advice or anything to offer re coming back/rehabbing a hip flexor injury? Haha very inconvenient this being injured business... not at all ideal and super frustrating as I just want to GO (have a 50km end of August that training was going really well for, but hadn't quite accounted for this and the 6 day break I've taken so far; planning on testing it tomorrow). Thanks!

- Asked by Anonymous

Thanks so much for your kind words!

I’m sorry about your situation, unfortunately, I don’t have much to offer regarding hip flexor injuries. The closest I’ve had to one (barely, if that) was when we first started climbing this year. They got a little strained because my legs weren’t used to lifting the weight of my boots (or that’s what it seemed like, and that’s pretty pathetic because my climbing boots are really light).

Once my hip flexors started feeling better, I integrated a lot of exercises to focus on my hips - weighted box jumps, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, various squats and lunges, etc. I really think those workouts helped me jump straight into high mileage without any injuries. 

If your training has been going well, I say don’t worry about taking it easy for a week! I don’t know how serious your injury is, but it sounds like you still have time to put in some training. Good luck with your race!

Is this real life? 28 miles, 11,000’ vertical, 11 lakes, 17 mountain goats, 1 summit (Little Annapurna). Best run/day ever. #trailrunning #ultrarunning #theenchantments #pnw #pacificnorthwest #northwestisbest (at The Enchantments)

Aahh, the simplicity of running. Not pictured: so many other things. #ultrarunning #trailrunning #olympicprovisions

As an endurance athlete, how do you manage your caloric intake? Whenever I start to run for longer periods of time, I get so ravenous and eat everything in sight! The last time I tried to train for a marathon, I said I would never do that again because I gained weight :( Help!

- Asked by Anonymous

This might sound lame, but I don’t really watch how much I eat.

I think that runners tend to overestimate how many calories they burn while running. So if you’re looking to lose weight while running long distances, you most likely can’t eat anything and everything you want. Personally, I think if you can eat and drink whatever you want and your running is improving - weight gain or not - go for it. Also, keep in mind, your weight gain may be muscle gain, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

With that in mind, I think the biggest factors in managing my weight while endurance training are weight/strength training and watching what I eat (as opposed to how much I eat).

For example, when deep in training, I limit my intake of alcohol, grains, and dairy mainly because they make me feel like shit the next day (that’s not to say I don’t partake in the occasional post-run cheeseburger, french fries, and pint of beer). I notice that my running/training suffers when those things are part of my daily diet. So I just eat as much meat, vegetables, fats, and fruit as I want until I’m full. I’m not going to try to explain why this is (blah blah blah science blah blah), but my experience has always been that I get significantly leaner when I do this.

And I’m a huge proponent of strength training. Aside from the whole - muscle burns more calories than fat thing, it just helps make you a stronger, better runner.

Anyway, I’m sorry if that was probably not at all very helpful, but here’s a Runner’s World article that generally says some of that and more, and it’s backed by someone with more credibility than me. Don’t let a little weight gain stop you from running! Or you know, just do whatever makes you happy.


So accurate.

So I’ve been a little busy lately. 

Mainly because I just signed up for my first hundred miler (Chimera 100, November 16, over 22,000 feet of upness) and I’m terrified. 

So I’ve been running a lot of miles, mostly up and down hills and mountains. Every so often, I supplement my training with some kettlebells and skierg. Eat, recover, sleep (a lot), repeat.

It helps that, during the weekends, I get to take my running to some of the most beautiful places in our country. Last week we went to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness/Snoqualmie Pass, this coming weekend we’re going to the Enchantments, and next weekend I get to run 70+ high-altitude miles in Colorado!

Oh, and my quads and abs are poppin’, so that’s been kinda cool too.

11 steep miles and an hour of fetch in the large overgrown yard of our airbnb lodge and she’s finally got her tongue draggin’. It’s good to know we can tire her out sometimes.

Got lost, but it was worth it. (Lake Lillian) #trailrunning #pnw #pacificnorthwest #upperleftUSA (at Alpine Lakes Wilderness)

What better place for a brutally hot, long, and rugged weekend of running than in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness? #trailrunning #pnw #pacificnorthwest #upperleftUSA (at Alpine Lakes Wilderness)




This guy became an American hero today. 

The only reason we made it as far as we did.

Man of the match x4