So I’m beginning to think the only way to train for these 30 miles is to do lunges, squats, and the Stairmaster for 6 hours.

We finished one loop in about 1:50 and I was DONE. The only upside to this race is that I doubt my ankles will survive all 3 loops of running on traprock and I may not even have to finish. Just the idea of spending 6 hours playing “Where’s Waldo?” with the traprock underneath all the leaves so I don’t trip and fall and smash my face in sounds EXHAUSTING.

I’m not worried, YOU’RE worried.

No, I’m … actually really worried.

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  2. oldpinetree said: If you do it enough you will get used to it. Sometimes when I am at home I run railroad tracks, on the wooden planks. Takes a lot of focus, but you really do get used to it. Keep at it and good luck!
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  4. andrejsg said: just think how easy it will be to run on flat pavement
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