We got our first taste of western single tracks on our trip during a run on the (wider, less traveled) Red Beds trail loop around Devil’s Tower. It was then that we quickly realized how much we underestimated Wyoming. It was almost as if Wyoming had this ability to make you believe that you could achieve exceptional happiness in life if all you did was run its trails. We even entertained thoughts of moving there. (“Why have we never thought of Wyoming before?!”)

And what is it about Devil’s Tower that you have to keep staring at it all the time? I think I developed a neck crick from constantly straining to look up at it while running. Other highlights: We got some deer watching in (as in, the deer watched us), and in our haste to make it to a cabin in Thermopolis in time for dinner, Joel left his running shoes on top of the car (both shoes were rescued about a mile down the road).

  1. drivendevelopment said: I have always wanted to go there!!!!!!!!!
  2. josethompson said: I drove past Devi’s Tower a few years ago on my way to Deadwood from Yellowstone. That state is gorgeous!
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