Diet changes all around

Quit Whole30. 

Mainly so we could stop putting off dinner plans with new friends (because I have no desire to go to a restaurant and order something I could make at home - simple seasoned meat with vegetables, nor did I want to be that person who demanded an annoyingly customized dish). 

Not that much will change. After we decided to quit, I drank a beer and the next morning the pain on top of my left foot returned. So I drank wine that night to see if it was a sensitivity to gluten or alcohol. Next morning, no pain! So I probably have a very slight gluten sensitivity (I’ve had this pain for nearly a year now. Even when I stopped running for WEEKS, I would be hobbling to the bathroom each morning. But the 2 weeks I quit eating grains/gluten is the only time it’s disappeared).

Anyway, I changed Frankie’s diet too. Our new place has a full size freezer in the garage, so I stocked up on fun stuff like pig tongue, pig hearts, pig brain, fish heads, various whole fish, chicken thighs, chicken breasts, beef, whole ducks, tripe, liver, chicken feet, and duck feet. Among many other things about raw feeding, I researched the costs and found that it was actually affordable. I’m going to keep feeding her kibble (Ziwipeak) a couple days a week just for ease of convenience if she stays with someone, or when we go away with her on the weekends, I don’t have to worry about carrying raw meats with us on the trip. So far so good. She loves tearing through the meat and cracking the bones. Much happier, her poops are better, (her coat’s always been shiny since we first got her, so no issues there) and she’s exhausted after (almost) every meal.

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