Frankie broke her Ruffwear running leash a little more than a week ago … 

… which is a whole other related issue because it’s now obvious to me that she’s become collar/harness-smart in that she walks beautifully on her collar but generally doesn’t give a crap when the harness is on her - mainly because she wants to RUN and I cannot keep up with even her slow running speed for more than a minute, so I’m going to have to silky-leash the shit out of her with the harness on.

… so I’ve been going on my runs without her. What’s hilarious is that she recognizes my running clothes/shoes and cries and wails for some time when I put them on and leave without her (she doesn’t do that when we just leave her to go out).

Anyway, her new leash from Iron Doggy finally arrived so she can stop crying.

Also, it is amazing. It can withstand 215 pounds of force, has handles and knots in all the right places, and can be adjusted to change your dog’s positioning to you. If you need to have your dog on leash on the trails and don’t like holding a leash in your hand, I highly highly recommend this one. 

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  1. josethompson said: Milo is terrible pulling on the leash (especially when he sees cats, squirrels, or groundhogs). I use one of those spiky choke collars and it is only slightly better than using his regular collar.
  2. littletinyfish said: Good lookin’ pooch.
  3. fishy said: she’s so big!
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